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The shipping address is:

Bob Bicknell

c/o Beacon Hill Biological

908 Frank Smith Road

Toutle, WA 98649

(360) 749-9814

When shipping within Washington, freeze the specimen solid, double wrap in plastic bags, pack it well in insulating material (styrofoam, etc), box well and ship the fastest way possible.  When shipping from outside of Washington state, do all the above but pack in dry ice as well.  This will make it more pleasant for both the UPS man and myself.

Remember, the prices that are listed on the Price List page are for de-fleshed specimens.  Skulls can be shipped to our facility either “green” or de-fleshed. The latter means removal of skin, eyes, brain, tongue, and excess jaw muscles. The charge for processing a “green” skull is increased by $10 for small species (raccoon, otter, porcupine, etc.), $15 for larger species (deer, elk, bear, cougar, etc.), and increases $25 for large species (bison, moose, hippo, wildebeest, etc.)  And if the animal has been shot in the head, be advised we do not restore damage, but merely prepare what you send us. 

We require a deposit of $50 for most species (deer, elk, cougar, bear, etc.)  A 50% deposit is required for smaller specimens.  The balance will be due upon completion of the specimen and appropriate shipping charges and Washington state tax of 7.6% will be added to the final tally at that time. Specimens left over 60 days after notification of completion become the property of Beacon Hill Biological. Cash, personal checks, money orders, or other pre-arranged methods of payment will be accepted.  And if sending a game animal, please include a copy of a valid tag, license, and/or transfer note to Beacon Hill Biological, to keep the game wardens happy!

We will package and notify you of the shipping charges before we send or call you with a notification. Upon receipt of the balance, we'll drop your completed skull in the mail, well packaged and secure.

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